We make your electrical control and power panels

We are more than just an electrical control panel builderor subcontractor, V W Automation S.A. is internally built with qualified techniciand and engineers to carry out a study or development of your project and also offers a partnership with you ,bringing you  their expertise in the study and fabrication of electrical control and power cabinets, but also in the installation and the start up, both international and in Belgium whilst building a a true professional relationship

  • A flexible and responsive organization : it enables a speedy cabling of box in a short period of time and feedbacks
  • The mastering of international standards : ATEX, GOST, INMETRO, UL, etc….
  • The best quality in production
  • The best conditions for suppliers

V W Automation S.A. offers services such as :

  • Study, design and the manufacturing of electric power and automized board.
  • The use of software such as Autocad Electrical
  • The control and integration of low voltage directives, machine safety, ATEX, CEM
  • The integration of various brands on the market but with preference for Schneider Electric (low and medium voltage, automation, electrical, penumatic and intrumentation)
  • The development of technical documents : certifications, calculation, technical documentation, manuals….
  • Istallation on site : setting up the tables, laying cable trays, the pull and connection of electric cables, the installation of the components, electrical testing of the cabinet…

Our electrical conrtol and power cabinets include assembling, wiring and subcontracting of :

  • Wiring of the cabinet power for the distribution of energy
  • Wiring electrical automation cabinet
  • Wiring of t production machines

This work quality is easily achieved  by the  use of higly performant electrical components. Thus the choice in using Schneider Electric materials. The use of the appropriate sotware also enables us to achieve a good quality study of the electrical components. You can find in these pictures some of our accomplishements from the electrical control cabinets.

  • Implementation and wiring of electric distribution board, variation, automation and regulation
  • Wiring of the electric automation board