VW Automation presents it’s first batching plant, a pave way for Schneider Electric.

The first  batching plant entirely fabricated by a young automation company recently the flagship of the company named Frecar, an authorized recycling center for inert materials located in Courcelles (Charlerois). Schneider Electric, our official partner is proud of this achievement  in which you can find all the newly products and expertise of Schneider Electric.

VW Automation SA a meteoric rise

The story begins with two different but complimentary men, Jean –Louis Verbaert and Thibaut Walravens, found themselves on the same school bench, after working around  their final year projects for their graduation, taking a big leap into their common passion :  the development of automations solutions with a good working environement, in a container in  the barns in the family farm.

Open to customers and new ideas,  VW Automation since 2011 has provided customized automation solutions in various industrial sector.

Being a novice in the concrete market, they shove the tradition by offering innovative solutions by using the latest technologies developped non other by Schneider Electric.

Since then , they became privileged partners of Schneider Electric due to their expertise and also Benoit Smekens. Account manager OEM of Schneider Electric who believed in them since day one.

Due to their growth, today they’ve moved into an industrial place with a surface area of 700m2. This new infrastructure will enable them to expand  with an open space dedicated for the assembling of all the metallique structures.

A continuous batching plant, the art of dosing

The role of a continuous batching plant is the contineous production of stabilized concrete and a riprap  from different ingredients,  in which the proportion varies in terms of the « recipe » ordered by the client. The batching plant is consists of agregats hoppers , lime and a cement silo, water and additifs as well as an open-type mixer.

The routing of agregats and the  mixture obtained is continuously carried out by a conveying belt. In order to improve in the productivity of the batching plant , a weighing strategy is mounted with the speed control loops. The weighing sensors  are installed under the silo and the extraction band. The ATV32 speed drives are installed at positon where the dosage of ingredients is required. All the vibrating motors, conveyors , mixers and other accessories are equiped with a motor starter TeSys U.


A distributed architecture  around  the programmable logic controller  M251 , a jewel in the modern technology

Machine manufacturers, V W Automation contacted Schneider Electric in order to develop and optimize their application in terms of automatisation and supervision. How many inputs/outputs , number of motor starters, type of speed starters, in communication with external equipments,… ?

The choice of a programmable logic controller was promptly oriented to the M251, a product a suitable product for modular applications with a distributed architecture. With its expansion option, this controller has been enriched with the TM4ES4 Ethernet module, digital and analog output/inputs modules, interface module for motor starters TeSys U and a security module.
Scanning I/O, is an efficient tool for lesser wiring.

With this features driven by the M251, the these equipment are polled via the Modbus TCP. A single Ethernet cable  connected in daisy chain to the ATV32 drives. All the motor starter TeSys U are coonected via the interface module TM3XTYS4. The weighing sensors transmitters are connected to the Modbus TCP. A Magelis screen is placed on the electric box and connected to Vijeo Citect supervision via the TCP /IP network.
Vijeo Citect for a complete management

The enriched VIjeo Citect supervision was developed with the management of the clients databases and recipes. Two screens show the overall representation of the concrete batching plant and the evolution of real time line execution of the recipe. Sub-menus to navigate through different functions such as the management of recipes, customer loading history, and alarms.

A distance remote control of the whole batching plant in the bulldozer.

An application that enables any type of tablet connected to the Wi-Fi access point located on the local to take control of the installation. From the bulldozer, the operator can choose a recipe and start the batching plant through a simplified menu tab.
Diagnosis and remote mainetenance

The managers  of V W Automation convinced the company Frecar to shift towards a modern day automation with electronic components. In case of a defect, the experienced operator on site can troubleshoot the electromecanic  problem, can also interact with qualified technicians of VW Automation. This can also be done remotely any the other components.

First of all, it’s a huge success despite the fact that the assembling was done in the local weather conditions. The only assembling which was done internally  was the electric boxes and the software development.

After training the operators a period of time concernig the use of the software, they quickly understood the use of the installation and was delighted.

This success was achieved not only by the creativity of VW Automation but alos by bthe support of Schneider electric in choosing the right elements and the best quality in Schneider Electric products.

Hence, the first concrete batching plant supplied by VW Automation SA. A summary of all the new products of schneider Electric.

Schneider magazinie – n °55- December 2015