Our case stacker model VW-DES001 is the perfect aspect of quality price for a standard case stacker.

Equipped with high quality components and a durable life stand, our case stacker model VW-DES001 requires less maintenance and is easily configurable.

We create this machines in a fixed sized ( low budget) or adaptable models.


For a good budget contact us :

Specifications :

  • Fully independant, has it’s own automatism and electrical box
  • Entirely custom made according to the box sizes, for the fixed model and configurable for the adatable models.
  • Alterable maximum height ( model has a height of 1500mm)
  • Can be equipped with a crate stack buffer conveyor.
  • Manufacturing profile aluminum profile 80 x 80 very rigid.
  • Linear electric motors by Schneider Electric™ without maintenance
  • Electrical components for the electric box/power by Schneider Electric™
  • Position sensors by Schneider Electric™
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) with the choice of the customer (Schneider Electric™ is asked)
  • Quality made in belgium