Have you heared of VIGAN ?

Our client VIGAN SA plays a major part in the wallonne economy.


Astonishing as it may be, it turns out that the meaning of « VIGAN » in Hindu is science. However , the name was chosen based on the easy pronunciation of the name is other foreign languages.

VIGAN Engineering S.A is a belgian company whose registered office can be located in the industrial area of Nivelles.

Our client designs, fabricates and assemble on site handling  equipement for dry bulk materials in the agricultural sector (especially cereals), such as :

  • Mobile pneumatic machines or grain pumps
  • Pneumatic unloaders of craft and barges
  • Pneumatic and mecanical vessels unloaders of all sizes (up to post-Panamax)
  • Mecanical loader for all types of vessels

Known over the world, VIGAN carry out projects on complete port terminals, including  conveyors,silos,warehouses and bagging machines.

What is the  role of VW Automation SA in this sector.

Our recent partnership with VIGAN is aimed on the wiring and the installation of cable trays of a loader/unloader machine.

Their site can be located in Rouen in France.

Secondly, we are in charge of the software migration of the command.

Our technicians are able to adapte to the working environment with a gigantic machine which is almost 30 meters high.

Here are some pictures showing the beginning of the works on site, we will continue to update this page with the progression of our works on the site.

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