Since 2011, we have accomplished for our clients, automation projects of excellent quality in various industrial sectors.

To achieve and carry out our projects in close patnership with our clients, we deliver our best equipement on the market regardeless of the brand.

If  a product line is more efficient, a technological solution better than the other and perfectly suited for the application, unbeatable quality prices, we assure you have the best in your possesion.

Nevertheless, our partnership with recognized brands such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, Beckhoff, Sick, etc. enables us to help you benefit the Best in class equipements at an affordable price.

Automation process and the making of production machines.

With that been said, if the client insists on a certain brand of his choice, we advice him on his choice.  At V W Automation we carry out your projects according to your expectations

  • Developpement of automation related projects and other new technologies
  • Consistent modification and setting standards of aged systems
  • Expertise and evaluation of your automated projects
  • Study, carry out and programming process
  • Fabrication and the installation of your production machinery
  • Programming and installation of your robotic process
  • Programming of programmable logic controller (PLC) of all brands

Supervision process and activation  systems or automated machines.

We perform your supervision process with or without activation process. With your supervision , we can append different data processing services like , for example, managing your database. 

Wether to elaborate on your pc with the help of softwares like inTouch, Vijeo Citec , or the help of activation panels, we create suitable systems to meet your demand and your need.

Till this day, automation without supervision is hard to find ( simplify your works)

A supervision software works on  a computer in communications, via a local network or a remote with one or several equipments :  Progammable logic controller , a computer , specialized card

A supervision software consists of a set of pages (screens) , in which the operator interface is presented very often in the form of a block.

  • This systems also provides : managing of alarms, events triggered when the threshold is exceeded ( to draw the attention of the operator and also takes records of all defaults), the operating time (OEE : Overall equipment affectiveness), manufacturing recipes…
  • Number of automated industry 70% 70%
  • Production gain 20% 20%
  • Know How 100% 100%
  • Goal of satisfaction 100% 100%